Households gained resilience in five-year war

Households gained resilience in five-year war

The year 2019 passed with many tragic events and pain, but parts of lives of the SFD beneficiaries included areas overwhelmed with relative satisfaction and stability in times of hardship and vulnerability the Yemeni people have suffered. Thousands of conflict-affected households have used wages from cash-based interventions to manage the life risks that the lack of livelihood and of the basic services created.

The interventions not have only addressed the households' urgent needs, but also made them more prepared to the shocks of the new year that did not foreshadow a final solution to the existing conflict. The continued third-party evaluations have proven that improving access to cash and generating income have made people's lives more resilient to the effects of economic and social shocks caused by continued conflict, away from resorting to debt, selling production assets or lessening food intakes.


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