The Social Fund for Development (SFD) has taken an active role in targeting conflict-affected vulnerable groups and poor communities, particularly those located in remote rural areas.

Distress Index for the period (2015–Now) and the distribution of available resources

In the current circumstances, the SFD has built on the data collected through the humanitarian organizations working in Yemen to produce the best mechanisms to target the poor and communities suffering from the current worsening crisis. The crisis indicators have the below three aspects directly affecting people's lives and livelihoods:


  1. Food insecurity that has exacerbated across all governorates and districts countrywide;


  1. Displacement to and from war-affected areas;


  1. Intensity of people's need for basic services such as education, health, water, shelter, etc.


In this context, the data is collected by some organizations and parties operating in Yemen. Subsequently, six basic indicators have been prepared, which reflect the severity of the crisis experienced by the population in the different governorates and districts as follows:


Food insecurity, which deteriorates the people's crisis in all governorates and districts.


Displacement from and to regions suffering from the conflicts.


Need for basic services, such as education, health, water, housing and shelter, and the like.

The data are collected and the average set , which gives a very important indicator called Distress Indicator (DI) for 3 crises affecting the population:(I) food insecurity;(II) displacement; and (III) needs. Based on this composite index, the governorates are ranked from top to bottom to determine the governorate most affected by crisis severity, and then allocate the available funds to the governorates according to the DI. This implies a logical and appropriate approach to provide fair funding allocation for each governorate.


Within the framework of the World Bank's $200 million emergency grant project (through UNDP) in its first and second phases, crisis indicators have been introduced (previously, poverty indicators derived from specialized censuses and surveys had been used).


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