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Marking #WorldWaterDay with innovation

Marking #WorldWaterDay with innovation

#WorldWaterDay is being marked in Yemen while the country is among the world's water-stressed countries. SFD catalyzes innovation to produce multi-benefiting durable solutions using renewed resources. To fail to invest in rainwater as a RENEWABLE resource is to abuse rights of our future generations to have their share of already scarce groundwater. Since 2016, SFD built 62,100 water harvesting cisterns, capacity: 1.7M m3 benefiting 520 thousand people. During the emergency phase since 2016, We have provided INSPIRING innovative solutions to invest renewable water in Yemen. Since 2016, we delivered more than 600 projects creating rainwater harvesting tanks, drip irrigation networks, agricultural canals, improving watersheds and agricultural terraces system that store rainwater.

عذراً .. سيتم بث موقع الصندوق الإجتماعي للتنمية باللغة العربية قريباً