Field Stories

Rain harvesting cistern, our innovation vs thirst

The Yemen's donors count SFD a house of innovation and engine of solutions at conflict time. The rainwater harvesting cistern is a locally inherited and SFD-developed product which if scaled up will trigger a significant leap towards self-sufficiency in the water-stressed Yemen.  We also have linked the cistern building to the cash-for-work mechanism in order to achieve a greater benefit in providing employment and training in building skills. The inclusion of communities in implementing our activities (CfW, self-help initiatives, agriculture and SMEs development,..etc) implies their preference to participate in the design, implementation and ownership of their services rather than being negative recipients in Yemen.

عذراً .. سيتم بث موقع الصندوق الإجتماعي للتنمية باللغة العربية قريباً