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the First Handcraft Marketing Bazar launched in Taiz

the First Handcraft Marketing Bazar launched in Taiz

For the first time for the CfW program, the Social Fund for Development (SFD) has launched “the First Handcraft Marketing Bazar" supporting the female beneficiaries of the cash-for-work program in the city of Taiz. This is the first experiment sponsored by SFD aiming to promote and sell the beneficiaries’ products after they have been trained to manufacture and market diverse products with high demand. The SFD is actively involved in shifting the burden of need of some affected households into empowerment and production. This new activity tends to promote the products of the beneficiaries, increase their income, and link their work to the widest range of individuals and entities interested in production support, promotion and development.

The project aims to generate sustainable income, self-sufficiency and rehabilitation of the producing families to increase their resilience through the development of human capital and the use of all local resources and opportunities.


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