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Communities of Almiisrakh celebrate development events

Communities of Almiisrakh celebrate development events

The Social Fund for Development (SFD) has launched and completed a number of community-based activities under the Empowerment for Local Development (ELD) program in the Al Misrakh District in Taiz Governorate. Among these activities were community initiatives to expand and pave rural roads and build five classrooms in and around the village of Aqmat Hubeish, benefiting 6,300 people. In addition, the training courses in life skills such as the manufacture and packaging of foodstuff, perfumes and first aid were attended by more than 80 women in the center of the District and the village of Khuraisha.

In addition, equipment and toys were delivered to 15 kindergartens in a number of sub-districts and 20 women participated in a training course on teaching children and education by playing. In addition, SFD officials visited the initiative of Khuraisha communities to build a 1.6 km long rural road, motivated by RAWFD members thus serving up to 6,000 people who have no access to basic service areas, markets and jobs. During the last two months of 2017, the SFD supported and motivated 36 community self-help initiatives that facilitated access to public service centers and employment opportunities.

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